Gurdwara Sri Tuti Gandi Sahib

Gurdwara Sri Tuti Gandi Sahib The main Gurdwara in Muktsar is Gurdwara Sri Tuti Gandi Sahib. Gurdwara Sri Tuti Gandi Sahib remembers 40 Muktas and the 1705 Battle of Muktsar. Tuti gandi, which literally translated means ‘broken ties’, which is referred to Guru Gobind Singh nullifying the document that he was no longer the Guru of the 40 Sikhs, in the context of the Battle of Muktsar. The Gurdwara was built by the first Sikh residents that settled in the city in 1743. The Gurdwara has a large holy sarovar encirled by other Gurdwaras. The Darbar Sahib is located on the western side of the sarovar. The Gurdwara building has been renovated several times.

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