Gurdwara Sri Ramsar Sahib Mehraj

Gurdwara Sri Ramsar Sahib Mehraj


When Guru Hargobind arrived in the village Marhi (3 km’s away from Mehraj) the Bhullar families were responsible for bullying the other families in the village. They refused to let others settle and would tease the women when they fetched water from the village well. Bhai Mohan and his family approached Guru Hargobind and requested help. Guru Hargobind asked what they wanted and Bhai Mohan said they wanted to settle in their own village as the Bhullar families would not let them live in peace.

In trying to mediaite, Guru Hargobind spoke with the Bhullar families who refused to listen. As a result Guru Hargobind told Bhai Mohan to walk until the sun set and at the location he stopped he could establish his own village. Bhai Mohan started to walk and after sun set he stopped and sat under a tree. This is where Gurdwara Sri Ramsar Sahib Mehraj is located.

Bhai Mohan created a boundary with the help of his family. When the Bhullar families discovered what had happened they tried to attack Bhai Mohan and the 40 members of his family. Guru Hargobind heard what was going on and arrived with his Sikhs, they removed the Bhullars. Thereafter, Mehraj flourished as a town while Marhi stayed as a small village.


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